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The important informations of 2016 AOSWA Workshop

페이지 정보


We appreciate your interest in The 4th AOSWA workshop. 

We are informing about the workshop schedule and some information, So please check and remember.




1. Reminder to Submit Presentation (Oral & Poster)



The 4th AOSWA workshop is happening in less than 2 weeks.

Online presentation submission is now available for your convenience.


We respectfully request to upload your presentation file(Oral & Poster) at AOSWA website by Oct. 19.



For your oral presentation, we will set the presentation file in the meeting room before your talk.  

For your poster presentation, we will print out and set the poster on the poster board.

Poster received after the deadline will not be printed out.


After the deadline, you should prepare and set your poster yourself before starting the poster session.  

At the end of the meeting, all presentation files will be posted on the web-site.


Please enter the website below for checking the session schedule.





2. Traffic Information


(1) In-cheon airport-> Gimpo airport 

It takes about one hour from In-cheon airport to Gimpo airport.

Please pass through immigration totally and use public transportation to reach to Gimpo airport.  

Please refer to the website below. 



(2) Jeju airport-> workshop venue 

We are going to run our information desk in Jeju airport and the desk hours are from nine to six

on 23 Oct through next Thursday,

a staff at our information desk will guide you to a shuttle bus stop.

So please visit to our information desk after your arrival.


(4) The shuttle bus

Basically, the shuttle bus time is below.



The shuttle bus will be temporary operated at 9 AM on 24 Oct.

And We will manage our vehicle at an interval of three hours on 23 Oct. Seats are first come first serve.



3. a day of before the workshop.

If you arrive at the workshop venue on 23 Oct, Please check your accommodation at main lobby

and take your time.



4. Regarding meals 

Breakfast is separated from accommodations and registration fee.

Please pay to the restaurant cashier directly, if you would like to have breakfast.



Also we are providing a coupon for launch and dinner when you check registration in workshop venue.

So please keep your coupon and use each meal time.



5. Excursion Tour



We revised the tour schedule considering participant's schedule.


Please refer to the website below.





Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. 

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